A website and blog about segments and autosomal DNA – by Jim Bartlett

4 thoughts on “segment-ology

  1. Hi Jim, Find your site most informative. Are you planning on adding more topics on the site….I noticed that the last post was in June?
    Hopefully, Jean


    • Jean, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, there are several in draft. It’s been a busy summer: beach weeks with different family groups, extended Africa trip (12,000 pictures; and they turn the generators and hot water off from 10pm to 5am); back for another beach week with grandkids – two weddings coming up soon…. I’m supposed to be retired!
      On deck are: Genetic Ancestors – the Porcupine Chart (shows “sticky segments” visually), and Do Cousin Ancestors Double your DNA or Matches? Stay tuned….
      Sincerely, Jim


  2. Hi Jim, I’ve appreciated your blogs as they have been very helpful. I noticed that your latest blog was on Feb 2016 and have not seen one since.Have you posted more recent blogs that I may missed?
    Jean Thornton

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