A website and blog about segments and autosomal DNA – by Jim Bartlett

6 thoughts on “segment-ology

  1. Hi Jim, Find your site most informative. Are you planning on adding more topics on the site….I noticed that the last post was in June?
    Hopefully, Jean


    • Jean, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, there are several in draft. It’s been a busy summer: beach weeks with different family groups, extended Africa trip (12,000 pictures; and they turn the generators and hot water off from 10pm to 5am); back for another beach week with grandkids – two weddings coming up soon…. I’m supposed to be retired!
      On deck are: Genetic Ancestors – the Porcupine Chart (shows “sticky segments” visually), and Do Cousin Ancestors Double your DNA or Matches? Stay tuned….
      Sincerely, Jim

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  2. Hi Jim, I’ve appreciated your blogs as they have been very helpful. I noticed that your latest blog was on Feb 2016 and have not seen one since.Have you posted more recent blogs that I may missed?
    Jean Thornton

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