Add ThruLines Info Into Match Notes

A Segment-ology TIDBIT

Each Match has a place under the Match name to enter notes into a Notes box. Only you can see these Notes. They can be very helpful. I’ve blogged about them here and here.

I’ve been adding the info from all my ThruLines Matches into the Notes. For example the Notes box may start with:

#A0018P/3C1R: NEWLON/ALLEN > Salathiel

This tells me the Ahnentafel number of the Common Ancestor is 18. In Ahnentafel “speak” this means this Ancestor is related to me: 18 > 9 > 4 > 2 > 1. I am #1, my father is #2, my father’s father is #4, my father’s father’s mother is #9, and her father is #18. I add the “P” for Paternal side because with large Ahnentafel numbers, I lose track which side they are on;>j The 3C1R is shorthand for 3rd cousin once removed. And then I type the two surnames of the Common Ancestor Couple. And I often included descendants on the Match’s side down to an Ancestor in the Match’s Tree – just so I don’t have to reinvent that path later, and to have it handy for my reference. Handy is good when you are dealing with thousands of Matches. Matches with Common Ancestors are usually in short supply (and they are like gold!), so I don’t mind adding a little extra in the Notes about them.

Note: the #A is used to allow searches with the MEDBetterDNA Chrome Extension.

Help yourself by recording ThruLines info in the Notes boxes – they will help you later.


[22AL] Segment-ology: Add ThruLines Info Into Match Notes TIDBIT by Jim Bartlett 20190729

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