Walking the Ancestor Back

A segment-ology TIDBIT

Here is an example of walking the ancestor back. I just extended one more generation today, giving four intermediate cousins all in the same line of descent from the CA.

The TG is [14B24] 18-30Mbp about 18cM – [14B24] indicates Chr 14, start in 10-20Mbp area, ahnentafel to CA starts 2-4 – some show this as PP]

The following line of descent is all in VA/WV [the four CAs are bolded]:

Common Ancestor: Sylvester WELCH 1696-1753; 1m 1720 Anne SPENCE: Match KBD at ADNA for 9.9cM is 6C1R

MRCA is son: Sylvester WELCH 1729-1810; m c1752 Jemima CARROLL; Match PDJ at FTDNA for 10.1cM is 5C

Dau: Elizabeth WELCH 1777-1847; m 1797 James FLEMING

MRCA is dau: Sarah FLEMING 1809-1854; m 1827 John H BARTLETT: Match LWA at FTDNA for 16.2cM is 3C

MRCA is son: James V BARTLETT 1836-1920; 1m Elizabeth J NEWLON: Match CK at 23andMe for 54.1cM is 2C1R [this segment overlaps the next TG, too]


Son: James V BARTLETT m Betty V BAKER

Son: jvb jr = me!


A Segment-ology TIDBIT

[22F] Segment-ology: Walking the Ancestor Back TIDBIT by Jim Bartlett 20170103

4 thoughts on “Walking the Ancestor Back

  1. Jim, this is your cousin PDJ. I just want to say I appreciate your getting in touch because I am learning so much from you about DNA and how to use it. I have a ways to go in learning how to apply this info but am making some progress. In the interim I am getting more family members, cousins etc to do the testing and will lead to some answers.

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    • Well you now have one segment, at least, linked to an ancestral line. New Matches are pouring in – it’s hard to keep up with the influx of data… And, yes, testing cousins is one of the best things you can do to make more sense of all this. Good luck – that helps a lot too;>j Jim


  2. This week I tied two generations to make a match with correspondence. He provided me three more generations back in one line and five generations back hopping the ocean with documentation all the way that is now being supported by dna and sticky segments. He threw in a second wife for my 4th ggrandfather and the knowledge of nine more half-cousins. That was this morning. I was able to find names for two of them in some paper trails with their linking surnames. In the process I discovered oddles more surnames for four children from first wife. Looks like I am going to be able to find CA for several steps up the line.


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